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We design, develop and deliver  ONT’s to connect everybody to fiber; cost-effective and fast

Genexis - Smart city Broadband
FTTH operators now have choices when selecting ONTs

Download the latest whitepaper of OMDIA, which focuses on the rationale for working with an independent ONT vendor whose ONTs are OLT-agnostic

Whitepaper - FTTH operators now have choices when selecting ONTs
Genexis TrueTalk - Independent PON interop

Connect to any OLT with single firmware version. With TrueTalk our ONTs automatically detect and connect to all different OLTs in your network via its PON autosensing technology.

Optical Network Termination 

For all your FTTH deployment scenario’s

Genexis - FiberTwist P2420

We design, we develop, we deliver

Our solutions are based on our wide and complete product portfolio. So that you can provide your end-user with a completely connected home. Our product portfolio is designed and developed together with broadband service providers, operators and installers to perfectly match their needs.

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