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Setting the standard for fiber termination

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The installation of XGS-PON upgrades is strongly growing. Either via the upgrade from 1G to 10G network speeds, or directly installing XGS-PON. The FiberTwist XGS-PON is the solution for both scenarios. Upgrading from FiberTwist GPON to XGS-PON (now or in the future), can be done without an installer. End-users switch the new ONT by themselves. The FiberTwist XGS-PON is also an independent ONT, meaning that it ‘talks’ to the different Optical Line Terminals (OLT) in the field.

When deploying or upgrading to XGS-PON, the FiberTwist is the only connectivity solution you need.

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Suitable for every scenario

By offering a Do-It-Yourself (DIY), flexible and best total cost of ownership (TCO) solution that can cover all common deployment scenarios with the FiberTwist, Genexis is setting the standard for the fiber termination!

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Independent interoperability

When deploying a PON network, there is the OLT – ONT struggle. What ONT should you choose? The short-term decision could be to choose the same brand ONT as OLT. But what happens in the future, when you switch OLT brands or expand to a new area with a different OLT brand?

The FiberTwist, as independent ONT can answer all these questions. As the FiberTwist can ‘talk’ to the different OTL vendors. Meaning your future network choices are not limited by the choice you make today.

We have successful interop deployments in 100+ networks, with 10+ OLT brands.

One-Twist DIY installation

A true Do-It-Yourself (DIY) installation has been claimed many times before in the industry. This is of course not without a reason: decreasing operational expenses by saving on a costly installer is of great interest to network operators.

FiberTwist introduces an installation mechanism never seen before in FTTH products. With one clever twist, any end-user can install an active module on the FTU. No hassle, no hiccups and a 100% accurate installation, just with a single twist.

Maximum flexibility

Deployment scenarios differ greatly and end-users require different types of services. That is why the FiberTwist is designed with flexibility. Ranging from 1 LAN port option to 4 LAN ports, with 2.5GE and 10GE LAN port speeds and the possibility to add CATV.

With this maximum flexibility, there is a FiberTwist for most deployment scenarios.

Total Cost of Ownership

Best Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

The FiberTwist is designed together with installers and operators, while keeping the end-user in mind. Thanks to its clever design, ease of installation and flexibility, this results in the lowest total costs over the whole chain, not just in the homes.

Less home visits means less truck rolls, while you are still able to provide premium services to your customers.

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The final application

The FiberTwist is the perfect solution for every deployment scenario. Its smooth and elegant design allows it to be placed everywhere in home. It is a perfect product to terminate the fiber and turn the fiber connection into the start of a fiber experience!

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