Fibertwist Article -Ultimate Ont Solution
23 August 2023 | Blogs

Article: Accelerate FTTH Rollout with FiberTwist: The Ultimate ONT Solution

23 August 2023

Accelerate FTTH Rollout with FiberTwist: The Ultimate ONT Solution

As the fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) industry evolves and thrives in Canada and the US, the demand for innovative solutions and adaptable products has never been more crucial. The shift to FTTH in combination with the new entrance of network operators, ISPs, CSPs, and other community market players requires a flexible approach to deployment. Agnostic optical network terminals (ONTs) offer a solution for market players to enhance their service offerings and streamline operations. By leveraging agnostic ONTs, there is an opportunity to simplify operations, cater to diverse deployment scenarios, and navigate the complexities of transitioning technologies. Here’s how.

Managing challenges of accelerating FTTH rollout

In my previous article, I outlined some FTTH trends and issues related to what market players must manage. These challenges include a diverse choice of optical line terminals (OLTs), different business models, existing services, upgrade paths, and migrating from cable to fiber. In addition, there is a competitive race to reach connected homes faster, cost-effectively, and efficiently.

To meet these challenges, operators can speed up FTTH rollout with the FiberTwist, a European-designed agnostic ONT that operates with any OLT. In Europe, the FiberTwist is installed in more than 4 million households, and demand has significantly increased over the past year. The FiberTwist can transform installation and positively impact your FTTH business. The main benefits include:

Fibertwist Article -Ultimate Ont Solution
  1. Rapid and cost-effective deployment: Designed in collaboration with installers and operators, the FiberTwist significantly reduces installation time. Its patented fiber management design facilitates secure and protected wall-mounted installation and increases daily installation rates.
  2. Seamless DIY installation: Costly installers are no longer a necessity. FiberTwist introduces an unprecedented Do-It-Yourself (DIY) installation mechanism. With a single ingenious twist, end-users effortlessly install an active module on the fiber terminal unit (FTU), also called ONT bracket, with 100% accuracy.
  3. Optimal Total Cost of Ownership (TCO): With its innovative design and installation, you save time and money with cost-efficiency throughout the entire value chain. Fewer home visits translate to reduced truck rolls, a smaller carbon footprint, and more time to connect even more homes. Also, customer service can allocate more time to upselling additional services.
  4. Interoperability for future-ready networks with TrueTalk PON Autosensing: OLT and ONT interoperability is no longer a challenge as compatibility is ensured with TrueTalk. A single firmware communicates fluently with all OLT dialects, connecting effortlessly and future-proofing your network.
  5. Independent from vendor lock-in: With this agnostic ONT, you can break free from vendor lock-in and access a broader spectrum of choices as your needs grow and change.
  6. Ultimate flexibility: The FiberTwist offers a comprehensive solution for any deployment scenario, FXS, Ethernet, CATV, 10G, Point to Point, GPON, and XGS-PON. It easily transitions between technologies in greenfield or brownfield deployments and caters to mixed network demands.
  7. Easy upgrades: Upgrades can be done remotely with a software update or by replacing the active unit to include new functionality.
  8. Compact and sustainable design: The FiberTwist’s compact footprint (110 x 110mm | 4.33” x 4.33”) fits into any space at home. Additionally, it’s constructed from 90% recycled plastics, while maintaining top-notch performance.

Take your FTTH rollout to the next level

With the FiberTwist, you can advance your FTTH rollout strategy. Savings with DIY installations, lower ownership costs, a better end-user experience, and a sustainable choice, the FiberTwist offers a unique fiber connectivity solution.

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Author: Mr. Jan Buis

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