FiberTwist FTU

Setting the standard for fiber termination

FiberTwist FTU 110

Terminating the fiber in the home is something you want to be fast, easy and cost efficient. The FiberTwist FTU is a unique fiber management solution that can easily be installed by installers, and is compact enough (4.33 x 4.33 x 1.81 in) to be located anywhere in the home. Making the FiberTwist FTU beneficial both for installers as well as end-users.

FiberTwist FTU with fiber cable

Suitable for every scenario

By offering a Do-It-Yourself (DIY), flexible and best total cost of ownership (TCO) solution that can cover all common deployment scenarios with the FiberTwist, Genexis is setting the standard for the fiber termination!

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FiberTwist FTU 110

Smart, easy, and fast installation

The FiberTwist is designed to make life easier. The compact form factor of the FiberTwist FTU has been specifically designed for fast, efficient and easy installation in any location.

This unique design and size of the FiberTwist makes it even possible to double the amount of installations a day, providing you with a real competitive advantage in the growing FTTH market.

DIY installation for brownfield

Brownfield installations can be tricky, since you don’t want to burden your (new) customers again. When installing brownfield installations, you want this to be as user-friendly as possible; either no installers entering the home again, or as short as possible.

That is why we designed our FiberTwist Bracket-2 to be installed by the end-users themselves. Making brownfield installations friendly for the end-user!

Connect any FiberTwist ONT to the FTU

The FiberTwist FTU and Bracket-2 are designed to fit any FiberTwist ONT. Every FiberTwist can be connected with a single twist. This means you can use the same FTU model while deploying different technologies.

In addition, when upgrading the network, there is no need to replace the FTU, or even send an installer. With its unique design, the new ONT can be installed on the FTU by the end-user.

Total Cost of Ownership

Best Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

The FiberTwist is designed together with installers and operators, while keeping the end-user in mind. Thanks to its clever design, ease of installation and flexibility, this results in the lowest total costs over the whole chain, not just in the homes.

Less home visits means less truck rolls, while you are still able to provide premium services to your customers.

Illustration Product Fibertwist

The final application

The FiberTwist is the perfect solution for every deployment scenario. Its smooth and elegant design allows it to be place everywhere in home. It is a perfect product to terminate the fiber and turn the fiber connection into the start of a fiber experience!

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