25 January 2022 | Press

NLConnect - 20 years fiber in the Netherlands

On 20 January 2022, the book “From pioneering to mass rollout” about 20 years of fiber to the home in the Netherlands was released by NLconnect. The book takes the readers through the rise of fiber optic internet in the Netherlands.

Genexis is proud to have the opportunity to be featured in the book with an article about our belief that people deserve fiber and how we help provide homes a future-proof fiber connection.

In the book, NLconnect also reviews the latest trends and developments in the FTTH market, such as the use of AI and PON networks, consolidation and sustainability in the sector and the need for open network.

NL Connect book cover

The book is only available in Dutch.

Click here to read Genexis’ contributions and an interview with our CEO Gerlas van den Hoven.

For more information on the book please visit: https://www.nlconnect.org/nlconnect-lanceert-boek-over-20-jaar-fiber-to-the-home/